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Work featured at Paraules Pixelades Exhibition at Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona

Posted by alisonclifford on June 13, 2016 in e-lit, exhibitions |

Paraules Pixelades (Pixellated Words) (28.01 – 10.04.2016) was the world’s first large format exhibition exploring the possibilities for writing in the digital age. The exhibition took place at the Centre for Arts Santa Mònica in Barcelona and was curated by Laura Borràs and Giovanna di Rosario, both specialists in digital literature. Featured artists included: Romy […]

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Plataformas de la Imaginación, Mexico

Posted by alisonclifford on September 20, 2015 in conferences, e-lit, exhibitions |

My work ‘The Sweet Old Etcetera’ will feature in Plataformas de la imaginación: escenarios de la literatura electrónica México 2015 (Platforms of the Imagination: Stages of Electronic Literature, Mexico 2015); a multi-format event seeking to explore the current state, the historical background and aesthetic variety of electronic literature produced worldwide. The event includes 3 exhibitions, […]

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.Cent Magazine

Posted by alisonclifford on November 30, 2012 in e-lit, publications |

The Sweet Old Etcetera is included in the Autumn/ Winter edition of .Cent magazine as part of their feature on Electronic Literature. To read the article, you can subscribe (free) at:

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ELO 2012 Media Art Show

Posted by alisonclifford on July 20, 2012 in e-lit, exhibitions |

  Two artworks Substratum and Palimpsest – audiovisual collaborations with composer Graeme Truslove – are included in the 2012 Media Art Show of the Electronic Literature Organization in Morgantown, WV, USA. “Electrifying Literature: Affordances and Constraints” curated by Dene Grigar and Sandy Baldwin runs in various venues across the city from the 20 – 23rd […]

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Sweet Old Etcetera featured at SOLEDADES 2.0 no moderno artificio, Córdoba

Posted by alisonclifford on March 24, 2011 in e-lit, exhibitions, poetry events |

The Sweet Old Etcetera is one of the works featured in the Cibermuestra at “Soledades 2.0. No Moderno Artificio“ part of “Cosmopoetica 2011“ (Cordoba, Spain). Soledades 2.0 celebrates the 450th anniversary of Luis de Góngora, a 17th Century Cordoban baroque poet. “Soledades 2.0″ aims to connect the innovations that Góngora brought to the poetic discourse […]

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