Alison Clifford is an artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. Her work is concerned with defining notions of the interstitial – or in-between – through digital art. She is interested in processes of translation between different forms of media, considering the new creative possibilities that result from what is lost or gained through such interpretation.

Outputs include net-art, experimental film, interactive works and audiovisual installations. She has exhibited widely in various international new-media and electronic art festivals and exhibitions, and has received several awards and commissions. These include a BAFTA nomination for interactive media, a commission from SFMOMA, and recent inclusion in the second edition of the Electronic Literature Collection (USA).

She has a PhD from Glasgow School of Art; prior to this she gained a Master in Digital Art from the Audiovisual Institute, University of Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona), and an MA(Hons) in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh.

She is a Reader in Digital Art at the University of the West of Scotland.

Exhibitions/ Festivals/ Screenings:


– La Palabra en las Periferias de la Tecnología, Muestra Digital Interactiva, in El Mes de Las Letras en Conde Duque Madrid, Spain
– Shapeshifting Texts Exhibition (Alphanumeric Surfaces), International Conference on Digital Media and Textuality, University of Bremen, Germany
– xCoAx 2016, GAMEC (Galleria D’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea), Bergamo, Italy
– Paraules Pixelades (Pixellated Words), Centre for Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona


– Plataformas de la Imaginación, Universum-Museo de las Ciencias, Mexico City


– FILE 2014, Centro Cultural FIESP, Sao Paulo, Brasil


– Seeing Sound 3, Centre for Musical Research, Bath Spa University, UK
– FILE 2013, Hypersonica Event, Centro Cultural FIESP, Sao Paulo, Brasil
– Abstract Movement, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, UK
– Lumen Prize Exhibition, The Space Gallery, Hong Kong
– Lumen Prize Exhibition, FQ Projects, Shanghai
– Lumen Prize Exhibition, Robert’s Books, Latvia
– Lumen Prize Exhibition, Gallery 27, London, UK


– Sonica 2012, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
– Orphans 2012, Sound Festival of New Music, Belmont Picture House, Aberdeen, UK
– FILE 2012, Centro Cultural SESI, Sao Paulo, Brasil
– 9th International Conference on Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualisation, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
– 16th International Conference on Information Visualisation, University of Montpelier, France
– Electrifying Literature: Affordances and Constraints, ELO Media Art Show, Art Museum of West Virginia University, USA
– Lightworks 2012, Grimsby Minster, Grimsby, UK


– GA2011 XIV International Conference on Generative Art, Rome, Italy
– Seeing Sound 2, Centre for Musical Research, Bath Spa University, UK
– Third Hand Plays, Open Space, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, USA
– FILE 2011, Hypersonica Event, Centro Cultural SESI, Sao Paulo, Brasil
– Soledades 2.0 No Moderno Artificio, Centro de Arte Pepe Espaliú, Córdoba, Spain
– Sound Thought 2011, The Arches, Glasgow


– GA2010 XIII International Conference on Generative Art, Milan, Italy
– Half-Knowledge/ Half…, Grace and Clark Ffye Gallery, Glasgow School of Art, UK


– Alt-W: New Directions in Scottish Digital Culture, Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow, UK
– FILE Symposium Rio 2008, Oi Futuro Cultural Centre, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


– FILE 2007, Centro Cultural SESI, Sao Paulo, Brasil


– VAD International Video Art Festival, Casa de Cultura de Girona, Girona, Spain
– Zebra Poetry Film Award, Berlin, Germany


– FILE 2004, Centro Cultural SESI, Sao Paulo, Brasil


– Computer Space, Sofia, Bulgaria
– Lancaster Film and New Media Festival, Folly, Lancaster, UK


– ArtFutura, Centre de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
– Concerts MOSART, Institut de l’Audiovisual, Barcelona, Spain

Awards/ Commissions:


– Lumen Prize International Award for Digital Art
Lux Shortlisted final 10


– SFMOMA Open Space (USA), Commission for Palimpsest


– Born Magazine (USA), Commission for Silhouette: A Dance
– BAFTA nomination, Best Interactive Media, Awarded for The Sweet Old Etcetera


– Alt-W/ Scottish Digital Media Fund, Production Award for The Sweet Old Etcetera


– International Competition of Electroacoustic Music and Sonic Art, Bourges, France, Finalist Multimedia for [citizen]


– Creative Scholarship, PHONOS Foundation, Barcelona, Spain, Production Award/ Residency for [citizen]